john sims steel city mosquitoI thoroughly enjoyed a military career that began in 1985 and ended in 2007. What a ride! Now that it’s over, I can honestly say
the journey in building that career was the reward. The people and challenges I encountered along the way added value to my
life and I wouldn’t change those experiences for anything. Well, maybe a couple of them.

My bride, CJ, and I eventually returned to her hometown of Birmingham. Tyler Road is named for her family and where she
grew up.

Since arriving, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity in helping a local lake real estate brokerage grow from 2 states to 30. The access to those business minds and entrepreneurial spirit awakened a desire to build something of my own.

So why mosquito and pest control? We used two companies and were not impressed with either. The service charges kept coming but so did the pests. That’s where I found both my interest and a need I could satisfy within my local community. I knew I could do better so I went to work.

By building the business model around defined service areas we’ve built a service business that ensures we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations while offering lower service rates. We spend our time at our customer’s home, not on the road driving up fuel and maintenance costs!

Steel City Mosquito & Pest Control is truly local. Our neighbors are our clients. We give each and every one the remarkable service and attention to detail they should expect when offering us the opportunity to earn their trust.

After moving 31 times in 30 years (no lie!) CJ and I are in our forever home here in Birmingham. We’d love for you to be a part of our lives and growing business. We truly value your trust and look forward to helping you take your yard and home back while protecting your family from those “pesky nuisances” out there!